Nautilus shell jewelry inspired by the Sea

Unique Jewelry Designs

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Lucy Amato

Unique Jewelry Designs by Lucy AmatoLucy Amato, a native of Martinsville, Virginia, has always sported a flare for innovation. A loving daughter, sister, wife and mother, Lucy's family was the catalyst to the awakening of her creative soul. While living in Illinois, Lucy began designing jewelry when she and a close friend started a small yet successful company. However, Lucy's artistic endeavors were postponed when she and her husband transitioned from the Midwest back to her southern roots. Moving back to Martinsville and spending much time with her mother in Florida ignited a new dimension of inventiveness. Lucy continued to make jewelry after parting with her Illinois-based company, drawing inspiration from the comfort of southern living and the natural beauty of the salty Florida beach. Lucy tackled a new pursuit driven by the intent to bring originality to her customers. As such, Amato Gems was born in 2013.

Amato Gems is a vibrant reflection of the passion that Lucy exhibits in her day-to-day life. Lucy continues to unveil novelty pieces as she expands her collections. From classy and simple to bold and eye-catching, Amato Gems offers individuality and beauty in every hand-made piece.

Amato Gems Necklace - Large White Shells with Red Rubbies in-between
Amato Gems Necklace - Green Elephant on Pearls
Two Pearl Necklaces and Shell Pin
Amato Gems Necklace - Taupe Squared-shaped Pearls with Pink Rosebuds
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Amato Gems - Nautilus Shell Necklaces grouped together
Amato Gems - White Shell Pin with Orange Coral and Shells and Turquoise Fish
Amato Gems Necklace
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